April 25, 2020
8:00 AM
5K / 10K / 15K / 1 Mile

Fairview Town Hall
372 Town Pl
Fairview, Texas 75069



Great races can only happen with the help of great volunteers!

If you are running the race, we will still need volunteers race day morning to assist with packet pickup.

If you are not running the race, please support and give back to the running and walking community by helping us out that morning. We will need volunteers to work aid stations, serve as course monitors, and help with pre- and post-race items at the race site.

Donations are available to some community organizations that provide volunteers race day morning!

To volunteer, just email us. We appreciate the help and support you can give towards this event!

A Big Thank You to our 2013 Volunteers -

Sue Ackerman
Joe Augustyn
Kristen Babovec
Scott Bean
Lea Ann Beem
Caroline Bjorkquist
Dianna Bonner
Carole Booth
Sara Boswell
Bryan Bowers
Christy Bowers
Alex Bridge
Ashli Brown
Suzanne Cole
Angie Constantine-Vinez
Bradley Constantine-Vinez
Anil Devegowda
Amanda Driscoll
Martinella Dryburgh
Ray Dunlap
Teresa Estrada
Holly Farrell
Catherine Foreman
Susan Funk
Joanna Gafford
Paola Hamann
Tameka Hardy
Paul Hendricks
Chris Higman
Elaine Hillis
Joe Hillis
Karen Holloway
Nancy Howard
Sheryl Hudson
Rae Mills' husband
Kate Jensen
Lesley Jones
Patrick Jones
Steve Jones
Lauren Lake
Noah Landguth
Henry Lessner
Sabrina Lewis
Alicia Loran
Amber Mannon
Steve Mayes
Robert Megert
Elizabeth Mendiola
Monica Mercado
Amie Nelson
Fransis Niryousangi
Maile O'Brien
Jacque Pack
Jason and Jaycob Pack
Victoria Patel
Leland Payne
Andrew Pelletier
Michele Peterson
Peyton Pollacia
Samantha Reardon
Phyllis Schwartz
Mike Staffieri
Jeff Stanbarger
Tawnya Stephens
Sarah Stirman
Michelle Teggatz
Bradley Vinez
Shavon Wall
Stephanie Weeks
Lesli Witte
Donna Wright


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